Arkane / Bethesda Software


Julien Roby / Raphael Colantonio


UI Exploration / UI Templates / Iconography


2010 / 2011


PS Painting and Photo Edits for Backdrops / PS Layouts / PS Icons

In late 2010 I was approached by Arkane Austin/Lyon to work on their (at the time) upcoming title Dishonored. The game already looked amazing and I had never seen such an inspiring collection of art their artists had already produced. This involved a very quick theme exploration period to explore 4 individual themes with some basis in the game across the journals, hud, and main menu along with some preliminary branding development. After a rough direction was chosen it was slightly refined, some motion direction comps were made along with HUD animation comps in flash. A short period later I worked on some materials again when the game was a little further along and the in house UI artist did a terrific job making the additions and changes as needed along with implementation. These comps represent early and mid project work and are not the final game designs.
Early theme explorations :

Final UI versions :