Forza Motorsports 6 DLC


Turn 10 Studios Microsoft


Rory Reich

As the UI team shrank in size until ramping up again for the next project we wworked on finishing up Forza Motorsport 6 while working on Apex. During that time we began thinking about the first expansion planned for Forza 6 which was planned to be a special experience for Porsche. With a visual designer and UI implementer assigned to Apex, the UI team for Porsche consisted of myself, a UI implementer and a single UI engineer. With our limited resources we knew we would be handling all the content ourselves, and with this being the first Forza expansion we were also aware we would need to be conservative and construct a new experience from legacy components. Working with the career gameplay designer we began by branding the eras that would thread through the experience. We then began designing our content and opted for a darker theme based on some Porsche advert reference, wanting to contrast the content against the rest of the game as a new body of work.


With Porsche, Turn 10 wanted the experience to feel not only fun but substantial in value so it was decided that we would add a tab to the main menu and split off the new content instead of combining it with the existing career. We also had a modified career structure split into eras that were in turn split into specific car experiences. We wanted the experience to feel bespoke while also feeling familiar and adhering to Porsche brand guidelines so we opted for a simple header treatment, modified styles and invested more heavily in the content itself. We reused templates from existing scenes in order to create a reworked flow.


The expansion also called for additional new content such as mods, badges, achievements, loading sequences, iconography, multiplayer imagery, and other event posters.